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Coshop enables your team to have face-to-face conversations with customers whilst assisting their shopping experience embedded right within your own website.

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What is Coshop?

Coshop is a meeting platform that allows you to have easy face-to-face video calls and co-browsing consultations with your customers embedded within your own website.

Coshop is designed to be simple to use for all participants and will assist in creating great customer experiences whilst driving higher consultation conversion rates with larger average order values (AOV).

Video Chat.

Coshop enables video and audio chat between two participants right inside of your website, no clunky Zoom installs required.


Coshop offers co-browsing, a pixel-perfect screen share between participants and mirrors the customer’s browser tab to the consultant so that they can both browse, navigate, add to basket and checkout together.

It all starts with a great experience

Virtual video consultations gives your customers a chance to shop live, ask questions and receive advice from your specialist, even if they are thousands miles away from your expert.

Coshop screenshot

A warm greeting.

With Coshop, you make online sales face-to-face, anytime, anywhere. You can sell products online with the same click & collect customer experience of a physical store.

Freedom to explore.

Coshop lets guests get hands-on. Allow your customers to browse add to basket and make purchases on your store from their phone or desktop and then remotely control and guide their shopping experience together.

Coshop screenshot
Coshop screenshot

Expert advice.

Sure, online reviews and live chat can give shoppers information to help them make a purchase decision, but nothing beats interacting with knowledgeable store associates who genuinely want to help.

Painless checkout.

Your host is able to securely guide your customer through the checkout process. All sensitive data is masked, and your customer never leaves your site.

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Want to see Coshop in action?

Chat to our experts, receive the whitepaper and learn how businesses are using Coshop live shopping to boost conversion and transform their online shopping offering.

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